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It's Happening ...

Yep ...





The world keeps spinning ...

staying grounded, equilibrated, and balanced amidst everything that happens on this earth and beyond ...

noticing your breath,

feeling your heart beating,

your blood flowing,

your thoughts as they pass through your mind,

your cells as they constantly generate and die off ...

Seeking your place and purpose in this cosmos of creation ...

I'm still seeking to refine myself ...

my thoughts and actions, my health on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically.

Reaching for the good, positive vibration ...

it's so yummy ...

all the amazing modalities and practices that are available ...

for you and for me

to continually walk the path of going deeper into ourselves,

and to be touched

by the grace of life.

Here's my new favorite song (of the week!) ... It's been inspiring this post, as I add content to this site.

For you.

And for me.

And for US.

Thanks to Gary for sharing it with me. :)



All the seekers and the dreamers

Wondering where this journey’s leading

Questioning your place and purpose

I promise you it’s worth it

The ups and downs, and ebbs and flows

Simply how this story goes

This narrative that we live

Is ultimately positive 


‘Cause I-I-I will float this deep blue sea

That's raging within me

And I-I-I will navigate this dream

That’s keeping me from sleep

And I will sail to where I want

I’ve got my soul to guide my heart

Like a boat off the coast

I will keep this dream afloat


For all the things that I’ve been told

For all the lies that I’ve been sold

“You can’t do this, Can’t do that”

“Gotta be like this, don’t be like that”

But I’m an optimist at heart

I see this world as a work of art

I’m both the painter and the captain

I steer the ship and I make it happen



Well, sink or swim

I’ve gone all in

I’ll keep my head above the water

And look within

Photo Credit: Carl Heilman ll (photographic rockstar!)

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