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About Kerry

I was trained in Core Synchronism by its developer, Robert Stevens, BA, ND, NTS, director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, NM and have been practicing since 1997.  

In addition to holding a certificate from the Universal Life Church as a High Priestess, I've been a certified and/or licensed massage therapist for the past 29 years, and have touched thousands of people.  I have worked for chiropractors, an award winning Inn, backstage at major pop/rock concerts, established the on-site massage therapy program for the Odwalla Juice Company, was on the healing arts staff at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and operated a private practice.  My years of experience have taught me that while massage therapy can sometimes access both the physical and energetic realms for healing, Core Synchronism can do this and more - reaching deeper causal imbalances and creating profound and lasting transformation. 


In 2015, I became a distributor of BEMER Vascular Therapy Devices. The BEMER is an amazing device that enhances virtually all aspects of health and wellness. I am so grateful that many people can now experience the BEMER through in-office sessions, home rentals, and purchasing the devices from us for daily home-use.

My healing arts background includes massage school and continuing education at Alive and Well! Institute of Conscious Bodywork - where I studies under Jocelyn Olivier, David Weinstock, energy healing as taught by the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Alchemical Healing with Nicki Scully of Shamanic Journeys, Holotropic Breathwork with Laurie Weaver, Rae Method of Subtle Body Analysis with Dr. Robert Stevens, and Colon Therapy with Dr. Robert Stevens and his wife, Debra Stevens.  I have learned the art of using Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Herbs, and Elemental Energies through workshops, self-study and 30 years of practice.  More recently I have discovered the practice of “going towards”, soaking into feelings and self with the extraordinary guidance of Dr. Lawrence Conlan and the Passionate Ease Retreats. This process allows us to gently, powerfully, and safely bring conscious awareness to previously unconscious places within our being, and/or gives us a new orientation to these places, along with deepening our presence with self and other.  My healing practice is a seamless and synergistic blend of everything I have learned and experienced to this point: past/present/future.  I understand that receiving healing treatments is as important as giving them, thus I am continually deepening my practice of Core Synchronism through receiving treatments myself; deepening my connection to self and Source. 

I love sharing my work with others and facilitating the process of people becoming more deeply connected with themselves.  

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